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If you're looking for a wall shelf for your beloved cat, you couldn't have come to a better place. We've identified the absolute best cat wall shelves (and other cat accessories) that money can buy. Please take a look at some of our reviews, tips, and cat climbing articles! I personally guarantee that we'll help you find the PUUURRRRRFECT cat climbing furniture and accessories for your precious feline!

The AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Scratching Posts | Is It Worth Buying?

cattreeThe AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Scratching Posts stands at about 4 feet, has 3 platforms, which includes a neat bowl bed at the top for your cat to take his/her cat naps, and is made primarily of sisal rope (for the posts) and carpeting for the platforms.

As far as style goes, I have to say this cat tree with scratching posts is exceptionally bland. That’s not to say it’s bad, but it’s very boring to look at. The best way I can describe it is “it looks like something that belongs in a bathroom”. I can’t describe this what this feeling really means, that’s just what I feel when I look at it; lol.


Like most large cat furniture, assembly is dummy proof. Few pieces which screw together with minimal effort. Nothing complicated. No tools needed. Couldn’t be any simpler.

Materials and Durability

As mentioned, it’s made primary of sisal rope and fiberboard. The platforms are covered with carpeting which is plenty of comfort for your exploring felines. It’s surprisingly sturdy and can accommodate some hefty kitties, so no worry there. While it can hold multiple cats, it’s not as spacious as other large cat furniture I’ve reviewed — so I don’t expect it to be a big hangout zone.

“Love it! We assembled this cat tree in just a few minutes, and introduced it to our three cats. The old lady of the bunch immediately claimed it as her own and perches on it regularly. The cat tree is carpeted so they all enjoy stretching their claws on this cat tree.” – SH Wells. Click Here To See More Reviews


It comes in 3 types, small, medium, and large. I’m reviewing the large, which is $37.77, at the time of this review. This is a fairly good price for what is offered; a simple 3-tier cat tree with scratching posts. It is a bit bland, but it serves the purpose, and for under $40; I can say it’s a pretty good deal.

My Final Impressions

I probably wouldn’t buy this as standalone cat furniture; but that’s just me. It’s a bit too plain for my tastes and too small, if I’m being completely honest. I like bigger cat trees with more platforms and a better style. However, I do see this as being a perfectly suited stepping stool to any cat wall shelves that you’ve installed in your cat’s playroom.

It’s an aspect of cat wall shelf installation that many cat owners ignore; getting the right piece of furniture so your cat can access the wall shelves with ease. The AmazonBasics Cat Tree With Scratching Posts is perfect for that job; especially if you’re budget doesn’t yet allow for a Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

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The Go Pet Club Cat Tree – The Best Large Cat Furniture Ever Made?

petclubtree1Large cat furniture can be intimidating for the first time buyer. There are a lot of choices and a lot of variables to consider when looking for that perfect climbing toy for your beloved feline.

Fortunately for you, you’ve come across this website; the one place that does all the large cat furniture research for you so you can quickly compare your choices without having to turn this into some sort of major life decision.

That being said, let’s get this intro out of the way and dive into today’s review…The Go Pet Club Cat Tree (72in Model)

Beautiful Style

Style is one of the first things I look at with any piece of large cat furniture. If it looks big and ugly and isn’t going to mesh well with my cat’s room, well, I don’t really need to know anything more about it, do I? I don’t know if you’re the same way, but this is an important first step for me. Fortunately, the The Go Pet Club Cat Tree passes this phase of my review.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree has 2 large cave like hideaways, numerous platforms, and some dangling mouse toys for your cat’s enjoyment while she/he explores. The poles are made of sisal rope, so they’re giant scratching posts to boot!

I can say without a doubt that this is excellent style cat furniture for large cats and for small cats alike. It’s got a great look to it; whether you choose beige or blue; and plenty of space for climbing, adventurous kitties.

As with any large cat furniture, it’s often best placed in your cat’s “play room”; as it is quite large. However, given it’s style and unique look, this is one piece of large cat furniture which could go well in a large, spacious living room. It really looks great and I wouldn’t hesitate to put it in my living room. In fact, I might the next time I rearrange things in there.

“This cat tree is a TOTAL hit with our 4 cats. As soon as I assembled it (all by myself!), it was a total cat magnet! Our two Maine Coons (about 20 lbs each) have slept on the two lower beds, while the smaller short-hair domestics will often venture all the way up. All 4 love the hanging toys. Can’t beat the price on this cat tree!” – Click Me To Read More Reviews Like This One

Carefree Assembly

It’s primarily made of compressed fiberboard and sisal rope. The platforms are covered in a soft faux fur material. Instructions and tools are included. You’ll mainly just be screwing in the different poles tight to the base. Incredibly easy. Time wise, you’re looking at roughly 15 to 30 minutes to put it together.

Fat Cat Friendly & Multi-Cat Approved!

These thing will hold 20+ lb cats, and more than one of them! Many customers report having several cats and little to no wobble while using it. Very sturdy, very durable! I see no problems with tip overs or wobbliness unless you assemble it improperly; which I’m not sure is even possible with how easy it was.

petclubtree2Excellent Price

$109.50. I don’t think any more needs to be said; but I’ll say it anyway!

I’ve reviewed lots of different 2-piece cat wall shelves, many of which cost around $100. That’s $100 for a small cat wall shelf and nothing else.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree (72in) has multiple platforms, 2 caves, dangling mouse toys, ramps, and is 6 feet tall and it looks gorgeous — it costs $110 total (shipping included).

It’s not just a good deal, it’s an exceptional deal — one of the best I’ve ever found for large cat furniture.

Final Thoughts on the Pet Go Club Cat Tree

I’ve never reviewed a better deal on large cat furniture than The Go Pet Club Cat Tree. There is simply no other way to say it.

I’ve tried digging up cons to give on this piece of large cat furniture, because there’s no product that’s “perfect”, but I’ve come up empty. It’s just a great product that cats really love climbing and hanging out on.

The only possible negative is that wear and tear may start to show after a few months of heavy use; but this more of a “life negative” than it is a product negative. After all, everything degrades from wear and tear after months of heavy use!

I’ll definitely review more large cat furniture in the future, as that is the point of this entire site, but I have to be honest and say I don’t see much point. If you’re on the prowl for cat furniture, this is what you need to buy, period.

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The CatastrophiCreations Handcrafted Cat Wall Post – My Review



I’ve always said the market for cat wall shelves was thin. A bit too thin for cat owners always on the lookout for new toys for our beloved felines. That said, whenever I come across a new cat wall shelf or post, I don’t hesitate to write a new review! Today’s candidate is the CatastrophiCreations Handcrafted Cat Wall Post! Let’s begin.


Right off the bat, you see this post is not nearly as stylish as the other cat wall shelves I’ve reviewed. Some might call it downright ugly. It’s a fair critique because it essentially is just a yarn/rope stick jutting out of your wall. Depending on the room it’s in, it may be more than a little noticeable; perhaps even out of place.

Of course, this isn’t a huge factor if your cat has his/her own room and this is just one more addition to their feline play land. While the Feline Cat Cloud or Pet Haus Wave Wall Perch can be placed in the living room and common areas, this sticks out like a sore, rope-covered thumb.

“I can’t even imagine my cats without this now! They were always all over my furniture and now they have their own. They are like little circus cats now! Installation was not very hard and is incredibly sturdy, I think I could hang on it. I put off buying the typical cat towers because they are so ugly and don’t think they needed it. I might be a crazy cat person but I swear they seem happy!” – Ian. Click Here to See More Reviews


Each post is 11″ long and 4″ wide.

Super easy and carefree. Comes with the necessary screws.

The only cat wall perch that is easier to install would have to be the Kitty Cot.

Find a stud. Install the cat wall post on the stud. Your new handcrafted cat wall shelf is ready to be used all day, every day.

Durability & Toughness

CatastrophiCreations2This thing can hold some serious weight. The makers say 62lbs is within it’s limits when properly installed. That’s crazy heavy. So no worries about it coming off the wall or your cat getting injured. He or she will be able to leap from post to post without the slightest budge.

Aside from that, the material itself is excellent for the cat to grip and climb. It’s got that “scratching post feel” that they’ll have no trouble latching on to.


$45, for one!

If you’re making a funny face at that number, you’re not alone. I made a “wtf” face as well.

We all know you pay for quality and I can’t argue that this isn’t a quality cat wall shelf (it’s handcrafted too!). My only problem is — and it’s more a mental thing than anything else really — it’s just a rope post that attaches to a wall stud, and it costs $45.

It’s….a…. rope….. post. For $45. I’m not suggesting it’s a bad deal, it’s just a bit high in my opinion — but that is just my opinion of course.

The Last Word

The CatastrophiCreations Floating Handcrafted Cat Shelf would make an excellent addition to any cat climbing zone or playground you’ve already created in your home — if you can stomach paying the $45 per post price.

However, if this is your very first cat wall post or shelf, then I might not start with this one to be honest. This is because you’ll need 2 or 3 posts to create any sort of viable climbing environment for your cat… 2 of these cat wall posts alone adds up to $90, and that’s roughly the price of the very popular Refined Feline Cat Cloud; perhaps the best cat wall shelf on the market!

As always, it’s up to you to make the decision. I can only give you my opinion, a few facts, and hope it makes your decision easier! Good luck!

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The Original KITTY COT Review – World’s Best Cat Perch?


Lightning Fast Installation!

4 large, heavy duty suction cups. That’s all the installation required — which is a huge sigh of relief for anyone not particularly adept with tools and wall stud installation. Simply attach them to your window and the Kitty Cot Cat Perch is ready for us for your feline. This is perhaps the simplest, most practical cat wall perch I’ve ever seen. It just works and requires no effort to set up!

Holds Big Cats, But Not Huge Cats

The frame is 24″ wide by 13.75″ deep. Majority of cats will be able to use the Kitty Cot cat wall perch without any issues and be completely comfortable. Weight limit for the kitty cot is 30lb; that’s a BIG, cartman-size cat. However, for those of you with immense size cats, or more likely multiple cats who will not understand the “1 cat per cot” rule, lol, be warned that 30lbs is the limit.

Many customers report that 2 or more cats can share the cot safely and they have pictures to prove it. It’s incredibly strong but it is advised to check the suction cups every now and again to ensure they are holding firm. There have been no reports of the suction cups failing so far — which is very good!

“I was a little unsure whether my 2 cats (1 yr olds) would like the Kitty Cot, but they do! They take naps in it, watch birds & squirrels and just lounge in the Kitty Cot throughout the day. Both cats fit in the Kitty Cot at the same time, but often only one is in there. The Kitty Cot was easy as pie to set up and it hasn’t moved since the day I put it in the window. Highly recommended.” ===> Click Me To Read More Customer Reviews Like This One.

Comfortable & Easy to Clean

Fabric is rugged enough not to have to worry about wear and tear over the years yet soft enough for total comfort. Can be cleaned quickly with soap and water. If extra comfort is wanted, the cot can easily be covered with your chosen fabric.

Closing The Curtains Is Not a Problem, Seriously

If you’re like me, you’ve already thought it — Does Kitty Cot keep me from closing my curtains? The answer is no! Simply remove the 2 bottom suction cups and let the Kitty Cot hang until its ready to use again. Pretty simple. Your cat might not be happy you removed his/her perch, but sometimes the curtains just need to be shut, am I right?

Best Cat Perch Price!

If you’re read the other reviews on different cat wall shelves, you’ve seen many of them for $100 or more. Yikes! Well, the Kitty Cot is just $40 with free shipping, which is awesome considering the quality!

They Really Do Love It!

Cats love climbing and hanging on just about anything, so it’s no surprise they love the kitty cot. However, I think the fact that it hangs on a window and lets he/she see whats going on outside, that’s what gives it that little extra something that pushes it beyond your typical cat perch. Nothing like lounging about with a great view!

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